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Dynamics Food & Beverage by KCS.net – Our Solution for Food Manufacturing and Trade

Industry Category

  • Agriculture Forestry & Fishing
  • Manufacturing

Enhanced Functions

  • CRM
  • Financial Management
  • SCM
  • Manufacturing
  • Demand Planning
  • Project Management
  • HRM
  • Enterprise Portal
  • Workflow
  • Application Development & Hosting
  • Security
  • Configuration & Development
  • Integration
  • Localisation

Solution Overview

Requirements for the production and trade of food and beverage undergo a constant change. Allowance has to be made for every new law, regulations and standards like HACCP and IFS. Audits and rising quality demands enforces permanent adjustment and optimisation of processes. To withstand the competition our customers have to be able to efficiently manage all of the variables that play a role in manufacturing and delivering products. As far as their composition is concerned, precise specifications have to be fulfilled and the best use made of production and delivery capacities.


No matter whether purchasing, production, warehousing, quality management, container administration, sales or shipping route planning, with our solution food & beverage our customers have a transparent view of all data and processes.


Dynamics Food & Beverage by KCS.net supports our customers in continuously improving their business processes and at the same time meeting legal requirements, manufacturer guarantees and safety in production, as well as realising their profitability goals. The processes and manufacturer instructions are supplemented with specific industry data, apart from the classic product structures, to guarantee process safety in their production. The manufacture of products from raw material to finished product specification is documented and secured with the integrated quality assurance.


Microsoft Dynamics AX with the industry solution Dynamics Food & Beverage by KCS.net helps our customers to boost their productivity and makes the administration of changes and mutual exchange easier for them.

Key Features / Benefits

The Solution Highlights:

  • Sales, purchasing and production planning
  • Product varieties & versions
  • Product identification & best-before-dates
  • Capacity planning and production feedback
  • Further processing (bills of materials and recipes)
  • Production planning and drawing up inspection plans and samples
  • Determination of ingredients and allergens
  • Nutritional value calculation
  • Article configuration (product, variety, packaging)
  • Continuous batch tracing including best-before-dates and pallet identification
  • Telephone sales, customer product range administration (historic and fixed product ranges)
  • EDI, XML, flat files, Edifact, orders, invoice, DESADV
  • Rolling container balance, empty container administration
  • Shipping route planning, map point integration, shipping route billing
  • Loading proposals (own vehicle fleet and/or freight carriers including truck capacity utilisations
  • Mobile data use
  • MDA despatch commissioning
  • MDA warehouse, MDA incoming goods
  • MDA production


Solution Info

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AxPact Member



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AX Versions Covered

AX 4,AX 2009,AX 2012

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