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Our Solutions for the plastics injection moulding industries

Industry Category

  • Manufacturing

Enhanced Functions

  • CRM
  • Financial Management
  • SCM
  • Manufacturing
  • Demand Planning
  • Project Management
  • HRM
  • Enterprise Portal
  • Workflow
  • Application Development & Hosting
  • Security
  • Configuration & Development
  • Integration
  • Localisation

Solution Overview

The industry solution is based on practice. The experience we have gained from many customer projects was used to create a standard that meets most sector-specific needs and can be rolled out quickly with a profitable cost-benefit ratio.


The ability to react quickly and flexibly to customer and market needs, the optimum utilisation of capacity and the simultaneous minimisation of inventories and turnaround times have become key survival issues in today's plastics injection moulding and metal pressure die-casting industries. As companies in this sector typically not only produce their own products for selling purposes but often the associated tools and moulds too, they need a software solution that integrates and supports all corporate processes. Short-term make or buy decisions or the integration of suppliers into the production process (extended workbench) generate significant competitive advantages.

Key Features / Benefits

Highlights of our solution:

  • Flexible surcharge calculation for preliminary calculations
  • Tool and operating resource management
  • Final number check of good parts and produced parts
  • Supplier management with supplier reminder system and assessment
  • Effective third-party work monitoring
  • Account taken of multi-impression moulds and cavity-controlled production


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AxPact Member



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